Time Flies When Creating


By Margaret Riley


How many of you enjoy doing what you love? Are you one that loves the outdoors? Or are you one that loves creating? Doesn’t matter what area you create in, just the fact that you are busy with your hands. If you have been handed through genetics a talent, you can pass hours away doing it. I was handed an art talent and knew from an early age that I wanted to do it every minute of my waking days. And here I am, years later, creating and enjoying…wait…LOVING what I do.
I didn’t realize I had a “flair” for writing until someone accepted an article I had written. There never is enough time in the day for me to create all that I want to do. I never have understood some of my friends saying, “How do you find time to do all you do?” My answer may range from “I don’t glue myself to a TV!” or “I don’t stay on the internet all day” (although I could if my eyes would allow me! LOL!) And some have said, “I am bored.” How can you be bored? Take a class to learn! The mind always has room to learn more! And when you are old and can’t create, you have volumes of memories to reflect back on.
Do you find yourself buried into something you love doing to only look up and become shocked at what that clock is showing? Yes, me too!!! You can find you have lost track of time, maybe three to four hours! How can that be? Do you block out noises, the TV, the kiddos, and just focus on what you are doing? It’s good therapy for your mind. Your mind can take you to places of relaxation while you are creating. I’ve said for years, “What I have created shows that I have something to show for my time.” I do read sometimes but have NO concept of time. Family starving? Family needs clean clothes? Too bad! I’m sucked into the story I’m reading and I don’t have time at the moment for reality. The same goes when I am painting, sewing, knitting, and more. I just want to keep going until I have it all done!!!
The next time you are lost in your thoughts while creating, don’t feel guilty. Experts say that creating gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness, especially when you are giving your project as a gift. Every person needs to set aside a time just to do something that gives them pleasure of the mind. I have spent countless hours creating for others, but I do have a home decorated with items I’ve created plus can smile when I think how much money I have saved. Store bought items aren’t always the best. Homemade items have lots of love put into them. Time? Not important when you were lost in the moment of creating.
So push away from that computer, turn off the TV, and start creating! Stimulate your mind! Enjoy something you love!

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  • Nancy on

    Margaret it was a pleasure reading this article I too feel the same way. I believe we have a sisterhood in paint! I can sit down start painting and forget everything then I’m startled when I look up at the clock and find hours have passed. I have friends that get bored. I just look at them in amazement. There’s so many things to do how can you ever be bored?! I even enjoy when the weather is bad and I have to stay inside. What better time to paint or read!!!!

  • Janelle on

    I love doing projects with grandchildren! I recently gave each of my 6 a canvas,assorted scrapbook paper, decoupage, and paint. Some I had to mail to them! I asked them to create artwork to help me decorate my art room. I received some amazingly creative projects. I think of each one daily when I enter my art room!

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