Tips from the Pros

Margaret Riley

by Margaret Riley

Since we are just getting back on-line with our bi-weekly newsletter, I am going to give you a couple tips. Hopefully, in our September email newsletters, we will have some tips from some of your favorite artists.

  1. How to achieve a fine line with a liner brush:

When using a liner brush, place brush into thinned paint (thin tomato soup consistency) up to belly (center of bristles) to pick up paint. While rolling the brush handle between your thumb and your fore finger, pull away from the puddle of paint with bristles on your palette to achieve a fine point onto your brush tip. Load frequently to make even lines.

  1. Another tip for outlining with a liner brush:

Do not inhale when lining. This will cause your hand to shake. Take a deep breath before touching surface with your brush. Exhale slowly while outlining.

If any of you have any suggestions to share to make painting easier (or storage, paint usage, brush tips, etc.), we’d love to share with our readers! Just send to:          

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  • Margaret on

    Barbara Meckes…thanks for that suggestion. I am working with an artist that is an advisor to a brush company. No doubt in a future issue we will be showing what brush to use for what stroke or item (i.e. hair, leaf, etc.).

  • Laura Rucker on

    Hi Barbara, We’ll certainly keep that in mind! thanks for the suggestion :D

  • Kathy C Bradley on

    Thanks for sharing – such tips are very much appreciated!

  • BArbara Meckes on

    Suggestion for a future tip from the pros.
    Could you please give suggestions/guidelines on which brush/Es to use for different subject matter. Example when to use long bristle liner versus short bristle liner or best brush for flowers, leaves, etc. This helps the inexperienced painter.
    Thank you

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