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Do we have rocks in our head? Perhaps!! But artists are notorious for finding unusual surfaces to paint on. Rocks can be a free surface. But remember you can’t gather up rocks in National or State parks. You CAN find wonderful rocks on a beach, in your stone driveway, or purchase some unusual rocks in your local craft and/or department store. Perhaps while hiking in your local area, you can see a rock that would be perfect to paint.

Once you find a rock that has been in the elements, wash it with soap and water. Let it dry completely. It is advised that you apply a sealer of some kind, such as a surface sealer applied with a brush or sprayed onto the surface. You can mix gesso with a sealer and brush onto the surface. Just be sure your sealer is completely dry before painting on your rock.

Outdoor paint works best (you can opt not to put on a sealer if using this type of paint) but you certainly may use your favorite acrylic paint. Sharpie pens work as well but be sure you do a spray varnish as the Sharpie could possibly bleed. You can use a generic pen but a Sharpie works best. Just be sure your sealer is totally, totally dry!

You don’t have to have a pattern to create a rock painting. You can just write a word onto the rock or be detailed in painting a sunset scene. Use a permanent marker to apply geometric designs in color or in black and white. The sky is the limit! Children love to paint on rocks! Their designs are simple and fun! And a great way to encourage creativity!

You can view many rock paintings on We’re sharing some of our work. But what do you do with these painted rocks once you’ve painted them? You can lay them in the landscape areas in your community (paint fun words on them….smile, laugh, chuckle, hugs, etc.), lay one on your co-workers desk (great job, success, etc.), place in your child’s lunchbox (you rock!, have a good day, you are loved, etc.), in your own landscaping (grow!, pick me up!, I’ve been planted!, etc.), and in so many other places. Just have fun placing your creation!

Things might get a little rocky when your family sees you painting on rocks! Just tell them you are a rock ‘n roller creating rocky mountain highs. Ok, ok….enough of the rock puns! Enjoy your creation(s)!!

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