Trends, Fads and More for 2019

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By Margaret Riley


Another year has definitely flown by! History has been made as well as memories! How many of you are making New Year’s Resolutions? Try to make reasonable ones, such as washing out your paint brushes when you are finished painting for the day. Or maybe you can just resolve doing all those unfinished surfaces???


Each year comes with new ideas, fresh looks, and more ways to change your home living. After much research, I’ll share with you what I have found lurking around for 2019 when it appears.

First of all, I’m seeing natural wood being in the picture. Wouldn’t you know it when we’ve been painting all those furniture pieces. Matte black and a rich red will become familiar on furniture and cabinets. White cabinets are still great to have but add some black and red to that kitchen.

The color for 2019 will be “Sage.” It will be a soft green, yet brighter greens will prevail as well. With a small variety of soft greens in a room, it will be adorning plants, plants everywhere. The material I was reading will make you feel like you live in a jungle! With that said, tribal patterns will be a hit when they are matched with black, white, and caramel colors.

Possibly sneaking into 2019 will be the look of marble. For those that remember, it was the trend in the 90’s to create your own marbling with a sponge and a feather plus two or three colors muted together. It was very striking and easy to do!

Furniture pieces are going to be trending as multifunctional. They’ll take up less space and will be very compact. Animal prints will no longer be seen in the furniture décor area. Fabrics and textures will be soft with plenty of warm colors. Watch out for mirrors that will be talking to you, giving you reminders, and more! (A talking mirror? “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”)

When it comes to walls, white and soft pastels are still very much in. (I painted the interior of my house semi-gloss white four years ago and had no idea it was going to be the latest trend for the next few years!) But, trend setters are telling us that matte black can be painted on one wall in a room. You will want this is a well-lighted room to prevent the room from looking dark and dreary. If you don’t want to paint a wall, add a black door or a black lamp into your décor. Black adds drama!!

The experts are saying to jazz up your ceiling. Paint it to look like a sky or do a contrasting color next to your walls. Pull the color downward into wall hanging abstract designs or pillows. Add earthy colors into the wall hanging, too. This will give some warmth to your room if the walls are all white. Earth colors will be prevalent in our home décor and fashion.

I tend to redecorate a room about every seven years. I have another three years, but right now, I am satisfied with how I have decorated. I love my white cabinets since I had oak for so many years! My advice is to decorate in whatever way makes you feel comfortable!

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