Trends for Christmas 2017

Margaret Riley decorating inspiration style

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to think about decorations. Have you already seen them in the retail stores? It is amazing how early we see this holiday when out shopping. Would like to have a different tree this year? Maybe I can give some ideas to you.

Remember your first Christmas tree? I had a 6-foot artificial pine tree. Once we bought the tree, we didn’t have enough money to buy many ornaments….only one dozen of red satin ornaments. I got busy and made a paper chain for garland and painted a few items to add to that huge tree so it wouldn’t look so barren. As years have gone by, I now have multiple trees I put up and painted ornaments that fill each tree. But it appears that my green trees might not be the trend this year.

This year trees are in colors: white, black, pink, and other stunning colors. Trees are “fat”, “skinny”, short, and tall. I saw one tree that was a double sided step ladder, which shows that tradition doesn’t have to be in place. Bright festive colors adorn the trees in chartreuse green, turquoise, magenta, metallic, and white. Garland wraps around the tree, not in swags. Trees can be decorated very full or very sparse. This year trees are being decorated in the colors of your room décor. If your room color is turquoise, the decorations coordinate.

Trees can have large fluffy bows scattered around the tree, which makes it nice on your bank account. I’m seeing owls that are placed on the tree. If you are all about nature, use items you find outside, such as twigs extending out from the branches, along with pieces of white quilt batting on the branches to appear as if snow is adhering.

Decorating beyond your tree extends to a fireplace in monotone colors but elegant. Lighting above the dining table is being decorated with Christmas balls and beaded garland. The railing on stairways have non-traditional colors of garland and bows added.

There is a wonderful site that I found that will show a lot of the suggestions that I presented to you in this article:

Lots of fabulous ideas and a preview of what is the “in” décor for this blessed holiday. Whatever the trend is for this year and in future years, decorate your tree and your home that brings warmth, peace and love to your home and pleases your family.

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