Trick-or-Treat Giving

Margaret Riley inspiration


By Margaret Riley


As the little ghosts and goblins start roaming the neighborhood, you need to be ready with treats to avoid a trick! I’ve found giving candy is not healthy nor approved by some parents. My favorite items to give are school items. When school supplies first come out, I take advantage of pencils, small note pads, pens, erasers, and other inexpensive items. I find many “trinkets” at a few catalog ordering locations on the internet, which I’ll add to the treat sack.


If you want to create something unique, Plaid has marbleized paintbrushes as a project on their website, but you could do pencils!

Children will love the fun colors and like having something no one else has.


Helium filled balloons from the Dollar Tree store is an inexpensive thing to hand out. You can purchase boxes of coloring crayons at this same store to encourage our young people to color and start in the art world, plus you can tie them to the end of the balloon ribbon!


If you find wood cut outs of spiders (can be pennies for the surface), it’ll be easy to paint them black and add red rhinestones for eyes. Add a ribbon so they can hang the spider from the door knob to their room.


My parents used to tell me if I was bad, that I would get rocks from people. Well, how about painting rocks to give out to the treaters? You can find out how to put painting on rocks on DecoArt’s site:


OR you can just pass out candy! But I guarantee that those kids that knock on your door and get something more than candy will come back next year for sure!


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