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Margaret Riley

We just got back from the Heart of Ohio Tole Convention in Columbus, OH, and it was so much fun! It was so nice to meet so many of you there, and we'd like to offer a hearty welcome to our new subscribers! 

Want to attend a great convention this fall? You really should! It helps new teachers, vendors and ideas become known and supported throughout the industry.

Here's what's coming up around the country:

September 13-17, 2017 Raindrop Chapter Convention, Portland Oregon.
Their theme is Paint a Season of Memories and held at the Holiday Inn adjacent to the Portland Airport. Take a trip to our northwest part of the US and learn some new painting techniques. For more information, contact

October 3-8, 2017 New England Traditions, Marlborough, Massachusetts at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center.
Not only do you get to move around hundreds of color combinations on a surface, but you will treat your eyes to the fabulous fall colors that will glow in the countryside and landscaping in that area. To get your registration in, contact: www.newenglandtraditions.org

October 23-28, 2017 Painting Palooza, Oklahoma City, OK
Register on line for classes. Check out the website for class registration along with info about each class. Bring your favorite Halloween costume and join in on the bewitching experience of painting with experienced teachers. And bring your allowance to spend on the exhibit floor.

November 6-11, 2017 World of Color Expo, Herndon, VA (near Dulles Airport, D. C.)
A blend of fine artists with decorative artists that give you the best of both worlds. Check out the website for classes and registration:


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  • Margaret on

    Michelle…..NET is mentioned…or at least it is in the copy I got. We will double check the list for the next publication for the newsletter.

  • Margaret on

    Thanks Michelle Lantgen! We will add it to our list to appear in our next newsletter. Our apologies for omitting NET.

  • Michelle Lantgen on

    You didn’t mention NET in Massachusetts in October.

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