Watercolors ... A New Concept

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WATERCOLORS…A new concept

By Margaret Riley


Have you admired the look of watercolors used in a painting? Are you thinking, “I can’t paint, let alone with watercolors!” But yes! You can! Watercolors are now available in a 2-ounce squeeze bottle giving you the same consistency and color (if not diluted) throughout your project.


Plaid is the company that has this marvelous paint out on the market. You can do washes with it, thin it with water, or leave it in a concentrated form to achieve various hues. It is an acrylic paint but boasts as watercolors! This watercolor paint dries permanent and does not re-wet. It can be applied to fabric and is machine washable. Use it on canvas, wood, paper, and even glazed ceramics.


Our thanks to Plaid for providing us with this fun project….simple and great to give as a holiday gift! In addition, we are directing you to their catalog to view the colors available.


Teacher's Big Heart Watercolor Acrylic Tote Bag

(Click the image for the project instructions on the Plaidonline.com website)

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  • Margaret Riley on

    Shirley Kidd, you can order it on line at www.plaidonline.com.

  • shirley KIDD on

    where do i get this painr?

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