What's a "She" Shed?


By Margaret Riley

A “She” Shed? What? Many of you have probably seen the commercial with the insurance company saying the “she” shed is covered. I’ve never had one, but I bet I could have fun decorating one! The explanation of a “she” shed is simple. It’s like a shop that a man has where he can get buried with all his tools and escape from the family/wife. But ladies are now standing up and staking claim to a shed in the backyard for their hide-away! It can serve many purposes for a lady and can be a play house for grandchildren that come to visit.

If you have an old shed in your backyard that used to hold “junk” or was your potting shed at one time, now is the time to clean it out. Keep ladders and items that can be used as decorations. You can paint the walls, add an area carpet, maybe an old chandelier, and some wall shelves or an old book case. Since this blog is all about art/painting, place a table and chair in it to create projects. If there is room, add a lounge chair or a comfy loveseat. The walls can hold your prized paintings, too.

If it is cold in your area, this “she” shed might only be feasible to use in warm weather. You can accommodate that by just setting it aside for an inspiration place where you can dream about your next project or read a book revolving around art. It will be your quiet place!

There all different kinds of sheds that can be built for you, which are available at mass merchant stores. Some are wood, some metal, and some plastic….choose what suits you best. If the budget allows, hire someone to build exactly what you want. Maybe you can find a used RV camper to put in the backyard. Just be sure to check with your local code enforcement to find out the rules for having a “she” shed.

You can have water and electricity run to your shed or RV. Those in chilly weather can have an electric heater. I have a friend that has a timer on her heater that starts it before she heads out to the “escape haven”. If you use this as your studio, remember that things DO freeze in cold weather. If that is the case, you’ll have to make a carrier to cart your “perishable” supplies. It takes a lot of discipline to make this a working studio that earns you money. On wintery days, it is much easier to stay in the house and admire the “she” shed from afar thus avoiding the walk in the cold and snow!

Make this place reflect you! If you like bold, bright colors, then this is where to shine! Search the internet to be inspired what other ladies have created within their “she” shed boundaries. Over all, try to enjoy and relax in this new haven of escape!

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