Winter Blues

Margaret Riley inspiration

by Margaret Riley

Now that Christmas, Hanukkah, AND New Years are over, are you ready to face the rest of the winter? Have you gotten your decorations down and put away? Does your house look empty after the warmth and fuzziness of holiday decoration? Many people get the winter blues! Fear not!

There are painting projects that need to be finished or started. When the snow is falling out your window, enjoy the view while you create spring time designs. Might as well think spring when you can’t get outside. I live in southwest Florida where we don’t have snow. Our time indoors is during June, July, and August when the temperature soars to 100. During that time is when I get busy painting! But the years I lived in a snowy climate, that’s when I really created and did my design work. I did Christmas gifts and gifts for birthdays that I stored in my closet to grab for a special gift giving occasion. Winter doesn’t have to be depressing. Just work on items that will go in your yard when spring arrives.

Those that experience cold winter days, why not make the most of it! Clean your studio and get a head start on spring. You know you will not want to paint when those summery days appear. Now is the time to be creative and get things cleaned in your creating area.

Try out the new colors you have been meaning to get to. Products that you’ve gotten for gifts, let’s get those started. Or take a day to go shopping at your local craft store to see what things you just can’t live without and to try out. Try something new….a new technique, a new product, or a new organization skill. If you bury yourself in your studio, those wintery days will zoom by! These days you can find almost anything on the internet to help you create. No more racking your brain on what design to put on that wooden box.

In this issue we are giving you a marvelous winter painting by Michael Cheek. His work is phenomenal but easy to create. And then we have Madonna Williams’ adorable snowmen that can go on various surfaces. Very easy to create! Both these projects will give you a head start on Christmas 2018.

Laura and I hope that each of you have a wonderful 2018 and many sunny days! Hugs to each!

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