Editorial Calendar 2016-2017


Submissions Deadline
(send your image via email for consideration by this date) 

Project Deadline
(IF accepted, mail your piece and email instructions by this date)


Publish Date

October 2017

March 1, 2017

March 30, 2017


September 1, 2017

Holiday 2017

April 1, 2017

April 30, 2017

Holidays / Winter

October 1, 2017

December 2017

May 1, 2017

May 30, 2017


November 1, 2017

February 2018

July 1, 2017

July 30, 2017

Winter/Early Spring

January 1, 2018

April 2018

September 1, 2017

September 30, 2017

Spring / Flowers / Home Decor

March 1, 2018

June 2018

November 1, 2017

November 31, 2017

Summer / Vacation / Patriotic

May 1, 2018

August 2018

January 1, 2018

January 30, 2018

Fall / Halloween / Thanksgiving

July 1, 2018

    Projects Desired

    Painting World Magazine presents quality art instruction projects for decorative artists of all kinds.  

    Painting Projects:

    • Difficulty level should be intermediate to advanced.
    • Projects should:
      • Encourage creativity
      • Teach a new technique
      • Provide easy-to-understand instructions
      • Step by step pictures if possible
      • Offer alternative ideas or spotlight a tip or tool
    • All submitted projects must be unpublished, 100% original artwork.
    • New styles and new techniques are what we want. Use a traditional style if you like, but your work should be aiming to teach something new.
    • Articles considered for publication must be mostly painted pieces, or use paint for a majority of the project and can include:
      • Acrylics
      • Oils
      • Watercolor
      • Mixed Media
      • Zentangle
      • Stenciling
      • General Crafts
      • Trending DIY Ideas for a wide range of surfaces such as Furniture, Wood, Glass, Paper, Fabrics, Canvas, Etc...  
    • Project categories include
      • Home Decor
      • Wearable Art
      • Repurposed Items
      • Gift Giving
      • Holiday, Etc...

    Submission Guidelines

        1. Send your proposed project photo via email to for consideration by the Submissions Deadline on the Editorial Calendar. (please indicate if your instructions will be more than 3500 words long)

          Not all projects will be accepted, but I’ll let you know the status of your submission. Please do not mail pieces or email instructions until you have received an acceptance email asking you to do so. We will let everyone know one way or the other!
        2. Once your piece is accepted (and not before), I will need the following sent via EMAIL OR DROPBOX.COM ONLY:
          1. Designer information: Please send a RECENT photo, taken in the last 5 years. Send a selfie via email if you like, casual or formal depending on how you want to be seen by your readers. PLEASE use a high resolution, good quality, clear image. (If you forget to include it, I will grab one from your Facebook page, so send one you like.)
          2. Designer bio: just a few sentences about yourself, let the audience get to know you.
          3. Contact info: This will be printed in the magazine, so be sure to use appropriately public contact numbers and addresses.
          4. Choose two or more of the following to be printed so readers can get hold of you for questions:
            Email Address
            Phone Number
            Mailing Address
        3. (do not send paper instructions; Send all digital instructions to If it’s too big for email, then use Note: We are asking you to please limit your painting instructions to 3500 words or less, as it's getting difficult to effectively fit longer articles together with step by step images. I want to make sure we get helpful images in there together with concise, clear instructions that can be printed in a comfortable-to-read sized font. If you MUST use more words than that, please let me know WHEN YOU SUBMIT IT so we can account for the additional pages.
        4. All photos and line drawing patterns should be sent as individual, separate HIGH RESOLUTION image files / original photo files. Do NOT place them into a Word doc or PDF file. Send via Dropbox please, or in emails.
        5. Your piece needs to be shipped to me and post-dated by the Project Deadline on the Editorial Calendar. 
          1. You pay shipping fees to get it to me, I’ll pay shipping fees to get it back to you. Please pack it carefully and use plenty of padding so it doesn’t get damaged. Please also ship any step-by-step painted boards to me to scan. I will get them back to you when I return your piece.
          2. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A SIGNATURE FOR DELIVERY! We will get it just fine without it. When you request a signature, they always stop in the morning when we're not here, and they end up shipping them back to you or asking us to drive to the depot to get it. Please save us the hassle!
          3. Shipping Address for projects: 
    Painting World Magazine
    ℅ Editor
    3318 Ultimate Way
    Dayton, OH 45449

      Download Project Instructions Template for Designers »


        Editorials need to be objective, informative articles about products, techniques, art theories, art business information or other interesting content that our decorative painting audience would like to know more about. 

        Editorials should be general in nature, and not advertising of any sort for a particular product, service or any other type of merchandising. Advertising rates will apply if that is what you would like to do, and is certainly a great option for advertisers, but our audience needs to know that it's a promotion and not an objective editorial. Offensive, unpleasant or insulting editorials will not be considered.

        Please keep them 1000 words or less and include images or diagrams that would be helpful to the readers.


        • $200.00 USD for full-length painting projects, paid on publication of that issue. (must meet all guidelines)
        • $50.00-100.00 USD for Editorial write-ups, stories, feature articles, etc. depending on length and involvement of detail. 
        • Payments are made on the Publish Date of each issue via PayPal.

        All payments are made via PayPal, so make sure you include your PayPal email address in your contract. We do not send paper checks unless there are special extenuating circumstances and you get written permission from the editor. PayPal is 100% secure, instant and much safer than mailing checks. Paper checks sent via mail can take up to 15 days or more to be processed, mailed and reach you, so please keep that in mind before requesting checks.

            Important Note on Authenticity:

            As much as we'd like to, we can't accept everyone's submissions all the time. We're looking for highly original, unique styles and love to emphasize decorative painting, fine art, crafts and mixed media, though we love all the art forms out there and will consider just about anything. That being said, there is a contract that is signed with the publication of each project for each artist per issue. That contract is legally binding worldwide and holds the designer 100% responsible for any and all copyright breaches.

            We will reject your submission we feel it looks too much like an existing designer's work.

            We're very familiar with all the existing artists that have been coming up with new ideas for many years, and want to encourage everyone to please try something new and not rely too heavily on existing work.

            We recognize that many styles look similar, but retain the right to reject anything we feel is too derivative, REGARDLESS of how the elements are rearranged. Our readers want new projects and that's what we try to give them!

            If we find out that a project is copied, has been taught before or looks too similar to any artist’s work, we will reject all future submissions from you and/or may pursue legal fines due to breach of contract. We take copyrights very seriously and you will be held to United States copyright laws if you are publishing with us, regardless of where you live. Please review your contract for full details.

            Special Note for Past and Present Members of Terrye French's Painting With Friends®:

            You must obey the terms of your contract with the group PWF. This includes getting permission to use any of Terrye French's designs as well as giving credit where due. You can publish a French design, but you must have permission from the copyright holder Painting With Friends and you must list Terrye French in the credit and the author information. Please see Painting With Friends terms for full information »

            We do check designs against their database, and this applies to all submissions worldwide.